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Benefits of an EDC Wallet

There are people who wake up every day and just throwing away few things in their pockets and proceed with their life. They are not bothered with the large phone cases or even the bulky wallets.


Then, there are those people who are obsess over items that they keep with them or as we call it, everyday carry. They are spending hours in doing research on which knife, pen, phone, watch as well as wallet to carry.  Whether you care consciously about things that you can carry or not, there is an EDC or Everyday Carry for you. In its simplest for, EDC is the collection of all your mainstay items which you can't live without.


It doesn't matter who you are or where you are because in the end, EDC wallet or Everyday Carry wallet will play a crucial role for everyone. They are the place to which we keep our debit cards and credit cards, emergency numbers, driver's license or any other forms of ID in the event that we lose our phone and cash as well. You may even have spare keys, invoices or other things into your wallet which makes it so important that it is made from top quality materials.


There are many kinds of wallets that you can use for EDC and these include the following:


Number 1. Slim - no one is fond of the idea of bringing a big wallet in their pocket and for that, EDC wallets as we know which come in a slim design is truly appreciated.


Number 2. Lightweight - we know that you don't like the idea of carrying a big wallet in your pocket, which is practically the same thing if it is hefty.


Number 3. Durable - wallets at Gear For Life are subjected to all sorts of abuse from being sat upon consistently to getting soaked occasionally. In this regard, it will be highly recommended if you are going to buy EDC wallets that are made by well known brand as only them uses durable and quality materials.


Number 4. Efficient space - basically, the best everyday wallets you can buy are those that are making the best use of space available. For more insights regarding phone accessory, go to


Number 5. RFID - with Radio Frequency Identification chip, users can easily find their wallets in case they lost it or even use it as payment on stores that uses such technology as well without pulling it out.


EDC at is meant for day to day use. Having said that, you can bring it wherever you go whether in stores, having an out of town trip etc. As the name indicates, it is everyday carry wallet. Compared to its counterpart, the tactical style wallet is designed for more stressful situations. Most people who use these are hunters who are spending their days while tracking their prey through forest, police who are on the duty, military personnel on patrol hotspots across the globe etc.